Synco Chemical Corporation is a privately held manufacturing company founded in 1980 in Bohemia, New York. Early on the company pioneered the development of synthetic fiber optic cable filling compounds and supplied all major telecommunication companies around the world as demand for this type of product increased.

Along the way, Synco improved on its original product and developed Super Lube®, a line of premium synthetic lubricants. Designed for an endless array of applications, Super Lube® synthetic greases and oil lubricants are clean, non-toxic, food-grade lubricants marketed to consumer and industrial customers in over 122 countries around the world.

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Super Lube®, a synthetic lubricant safe for the environment and is a food grade product not harmful to humans or animals. It is not necessary to remove Super Lube® from your item(s) before use.

It has an operating temperature range of -40°F to +500°F. It is ideal for misting, dripping, spindle oil applications, and as a food-grade chain lubricant and rust inhibitor. Is rated as Food Grade and ISO Grade 100. Can be used under the following temperature ranges: -40 F minimum operating temperature to +500 F maximum operating temperature. In addition to the other features this product also has corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant properties and meets the following standards: NSF H1.

Super Lube® is the only lubricant I use on items I sharpen. I use it about every day and a four ounce bottle lasts me for several weeks. It is great for lubricating scissors and shears, clipper blades, garden tools, knives, and about anything else that may rust or needs lubricated to reduce friction.

Super Lube® without PTFE 4 ounce bottle.

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