I am a distributor for several fine companies.

For security reasons, I chose not to make this site an e-commerce web page. Therefore, you cannot purchase items directly from this website. However, you can see those companies whose products I carry and/or for whom I am a distributor.
I choose the companies from whom I wish to sell products based on their quality, customer service, and competitive pricing.

Each company and their logo, if available, are listed below. Click on the link below the logo to be taken directly to their page. If you are interested in purchasing a product or wish to receive a price quote, please contact me.

If you just made a purchase from me, thank you for your payment. By being brought back to this page, it means your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at www.paypal.com/us to view details of this transaction.



I strive to provide the most competitive prices on new and used products possible.

MAP stands for "Minimum Advertised Pricing". Some manufacturers restrict the price distributors can advertise in open forum (ie, MAP). If you see MAP listed as a price on any of my products, it means my price for that item is less than what the manufacturer allows me to advertise. That's good for you. Contact me for your special price on that item.