Have something to sharpen you do not see listed below?  Give me a call and we can discuss it.  I love to sharpen new and interesting items.

Cabinet Making Tools

Carpentry Tools

Woodworking Tools

Auger Bits (Self Feed)

Cabinet Scrapers

Circular Saw Blades (HSS & Carbide up to 32 inch diameter)

Dado Blades/Chippers/Heads

Flute Cutters

Hole Saws (adjustable & Forstner)

Moulding Knives

Plane Irons

Planer and Jointer Blades

Portable Electric Planer Blades

Router Bits

Shaper Cutters

Spoke Shave Blades

Wood Chisels (short & long)

Garden Tools      

Lawn Tools

Axe (Single & Double Head)

Brush Cutter Blades

Chain Saw Chains (HSS & Carbide)

Grass Edger Blades

Grass Clippers

Grass Shears




Mower Blades

Pole Saws (Electric or Gas)

Post Hole Digger




Tiller Tines (Off Machine)

Hair Cutting Tools

Grooming Tools

Barber Shears

Clipper Blades

Grooming Shears

Stylist Shears

Thinners, Blenders, Chunkers 

Sewing Tools

Quilting Tools

Weaving Tools

Fraser Cloth Cutters

Pinking Shears

Power Shears

Rigby Cloth Cutters (RB1 only)

Sewing Shears

Thread Nippers

Wood Carving Tools

Woodturning Tools


Bedan Tools

Carving Knives

Chisels (Skew, Square, & Wood)

Draw Knives

Gouges (Back Bent, Bowl, Curved, Down Bent, Power Carvers, Spindle, Straight Fishtail Tapered, Straight Shanks, & Roughing)

Hollowing Tools

Parting Tools

Scorps and Inshaves (outside bevel)


Turning Cutters

V-Tools (Curved & Straight)


Arrow Tips

Chipper Blades

End Mill Bits (HSS & Carbide)

Drill Bits

Food Processor Blades

Guillotine/Shear Blades (Up To 20 Inches)

Ice Skates

Knives (Asian, Chef, Hunting, Kitchen, Pocket, Serrated, & Sport)

Meat Grinder Blades & Plates

Mower Blades 

Paper Cutter Blades

Potato Peeler

Scissors & Shears (all kinds)

Slicer Blades

Stem Cutters

Tin Snips

Tying Blades

Veterinary Dental Elevators